Travelling Classroom Update

This week was jungle week!  Our travelling classroom group, carrying only essentials, had a very early start and drove to the edge of the vast Orinoco Delta.  Here, they packed their kayaks and departed into the jungle.  The team was kayaking in two-man kayaks and carried all of their own equipment like true explorers.

The first day was a two hour paddle into the jungle to a Warao family home (nothing more than a floor and a roof) which was to also be the group’s home for two nights.  Here, they learned how the indigenous live and function and to some degree imitated it (especially when using the toilet which is traditionally just a platform to stand on over the jungle floor).  That evening was spent cooking and taking in the natural beauty of the jungle, listening to the sounds and gazing at the stars, a really reflective time.

The next day was spent on a small kayak expedition through a small river where the group eventually left the water and were led on a jungle walk where they got to witness the true magnitude of resources in the jungle as well as a few spiders and insects.

A very early start the next day to pack up and leave the Warao family home and kayak through a small ‘cañito,’ only passable at high tide, to the next camp which was of a similar fashion, just a floor and a roof although this time there were western toilets.  Here, the team had Spanish classes, survival classes and kayak expeditions for two days.  By this time, each member of the group was really settling into jungle life.  Some of the group gave piranha fishing a try and even though they weren’t the best at fishing, one piranha was caught!

The next morning was an early start as well to kayak back through the cañito to the Orinoco Eco Camp, a basic hotel in the jungle (although this seemed 5-star to the team after what they had just done).  Here, they recovered and enjoyed relaxing in relative comfort.  On the second day here, they took a boat trip to the savanna area of the Delta where everyone was able to see the sheer diversity of one booming eco-system.

On the last day, everyone was sad to leave such a beautiful place but they climbed back into the jeeps and headed back to Playa Colorada where they caught the end of Carnival and despite being tired, partied into the night.

“The Delta has definitely been my favorite trip because it was the most natural, raw and wild of all the tours.  Jakera is a very good mix of Venezuelan Culture and learning Spanish!  I love it!” -  Chloe : 21 : France

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