Program 1

Location: Colombia
Duration: 1 or 2 weeks



Learn Spanish and explore the mountains and jungle of hidden Colombia.
Go places that are nowhere to be found in any travel guide


This program is tailor-made for every explorer with any amount of experience - from lots to not so much.

The treks are progressive, starting off in stunning locations with slow, sheltered and less demanding treks before progressing to challenging and rewarding climbs. All of our treks include an authentic local cultural activity during the trek.

On week one, day one, we include a welcome walk through San Gil community, where we show you not only the San Gil community, but also how a typical and authentic Colombian works.

Adventure sport on Wednesday: The program includes mid-week rest days from trekking. During this time, on Wednesday mornings, we experience the best of San Gil’s beginner-level adventure sport.

On the first Wednesday, we take you white water rafting and on the second Wednesday we take you paragliding.

Thursdays are left open for individuals to choose and purchase their preferred outdoor adventure activity, with the opportunity to raise the level of intensity from Wednesdays’ beginner level activity. We will have the following activities on standby for you to choose from; downhill mountain biking, cross-country mountain biking, advanced rafting, advanced paragliding, repelling, caving, white water kayaking, beginner bungee jumping, advanced bungee jumping and more...

On week 2 we run an overnight trekking expedition, up and over the famous Chicamocha canyon. We sleep in hammocks at the bottom of the canyon on the bank of the river Chicamocha, where you can expect clear, starry nights by an open fire in this sacred canyon.

Weekends are free for individual travel, fiesta, study, more adventure, yoga or fitness classes.

This program starts on the first and third Monday of each month, however we invite you to join us from the Sunday prior.

The program includes:

  • 10 hrs of Spanish Classes a week
  • 7 nights dormitory accommodation a week
  • 2 meals a day Monday - Friday (breakfast and lunch), brunch only on weekends
  • Welcome to Colombia walk
  • 1 x dance class a week
  • 2 x inland treks a week
  • 1 x adventure activity a week (rafting, paragliding)






Spanish lesson

Every day from Monday to Friday there will be two, 45 minute Spanish lessons (usually between 15:00-17:00 but subject to change).

Following a short test to establish your level and objectives, Spanish classes will be delivered by accredited and licensed teachers. These lessons are tailored to suit all levels, from beginner to advanced, and are designed to help you interact and immerse with the local community and enjoy being in a Spanish speaking country.

We follow our own in-house Jakera Spanish Curriculum, supported by our own Jakera Spanish grammar and exercise booklet which you can buy when in the country.



Welcome to Columbia walk

Day one: Morning one begins with a welcome pro-active meeting where Jakera staff introduce themselves, the place, the country, the town and the programs, during which we all get to know each other.

After the get together we all head out on foot to get orientated with the essentials of the local San Gil community. Additionally to getting orientated, we pay extra attention to introducing you to the real Colombia, and seeing all that is typical in Colombia.



We have created seven varied and specially designed treks. All four treks are totally unique from one another but follow the Jakera Trek formula.

What do all the treks have in common? We mix stunning hiking experiences with real life insights into authentic local Colombian Culture, guided and introduced by the locals themselves.

We will trek to remote and ‘out of this world’ sights, such as canyons, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, tropical forests, savannas and more.

We will take you off the beaten track and show you places that the guide books don’t know about. Furthermore, at some point on each excursion, we will take a break from trekking to experience first hand a local practices including; coffee haciendas, historical colonial towns, indigenous settlement and traditions, tobacco trade, sugar cane trade, traditional gastronomy and more.

Particular treks will be chosen in accordance to group potential and local circumstances.


Dance Class

In a fun, social environment we will take everyone through their dancing steps to get them fully in touch with Latin America lifestyle and culture. We focus on Salsa but will also teach Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia and Vallenato. Students with all levels of dance experience have the opportunity to learn and improve with us.



Outdoor Adventure - Wednesdays

On Wednesdays we take a midweek rest from trekking to spend the morning participating in the famous adrenaline adventure sports of San Gil. We have chosen the town’s top ‘beginner level’ adventure activities for this program.

Wednesday Week 1 - Rafting Rio Fonce: Depending on the height of the river, the class of whitewater across the 9km route will range from 1-3 of 5. So it is ideal for beginners. Add that to the deep wilderness setting, and we have an perfect first rafting experience for any beginner.

Wednesday Week 2 - Paragliding Curutti: While the previous week’s rest day was spent drenched in white water, this time it’s high in the sky, joining the birds for a paragliding experience. You will flying a tandem flight with a qualified and experienced pilot lasting approximately 40 minutes, in the peace up-above. Before which you will have been briefed by the guides on the entire activity to ensure you are well-prepared. This is the perfect paragliding experience for all levels as the sheltered launch and land sights make it a great start if you have never been paragliding before. At the same time, the stunning scenery and overview of our trek makes it a great trip for experts too.





Free-day for Adventure sport on Thursdays

On Thursdays we allocate time to personal outdoor adventure ambitions. We have Spanish class in the afternoon as usual, but the rest of the day is free for individuals to participate in the adventure activity of their choosing. Earlier in the week we organise the activities on a per person basis, so by Thursday it’s all go. Activities available include bungee jumping (basic and advanced), white water rafting (advanced), white water kayaking (beginners course or advanced day out), paragliding, repelling, caving, horse riding, mountain biking (downhill and cross-country).


Expedition to Chicamocha Canyon, river-camp in Jordan

The is our signature trip at Jakera Colombia, a mind blowing trip, full of; energy & adventure, nature & beauty, peace & tranquility and challenge & reward.

The trip begins with a 1 hr jeep ride from the hostel in San Gil, to the drop off point at the top of the canyon. From here we traverse across the canyon enjoying breathtaking views and hidden waterfalls. The decent takes approx 3 hours. Our camp is right up against the river Chicamocha at the bottom of the canyon. We sleep in hammocks and rest-up by the bonfire on the riverbank.

The following day, we wake up early, at the break of daylight, to beat the pounding sun. The trek up the canyon is a different route and will take less than 4 hours, where we enjoy some stunning rest points. Once at the top, its back in the jeep and to San gil, for a shower, Spanish class and nodoubt some relaxing and celebrating.





1 Week

USD 495

2 Weeks

USD 950



Start Dates 2019

Jan-06, Jan-20, Feb-03, Feb-17, Mar-03, Mar-17, Apr-07, Apr-21, May-05, May-19, Jun-02, Jun-16, Jul-07, Jul-21, Aug-04, Aug-18


What's included

Weekly price includes 7 nights accommodation, breakfast & lunch (brunch at weekends), 10 intensive Spanish lessons.

The ‘program’ starts on a Monday with the program ending after breakfast on the corresponding Sunday, however the price includes 7 or 14 days as we include the Sunday night prior to the program kicking off. Clients are welcome to arrive on Saturday or earlier if they pay a supplement for an extra night bed & breakfast.


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